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Reliability and accuracy for daily carry, hunting or competition...

-General and Custom Gunsmithing Services- 

SPG provides quality firearm customization, general gunsmithing and  personalized consulting for firearms from most manufacturers.    

  • Optics sales, installation and bore sighting.
  • Custom 1911 platform pistols and upgrades
  • Repair and customization of most firearms
  • Big Bore hunting handgun specialist
  • Night site installations and adjustable sights
  • Pistol reliability packages and accuracy work
  • Complete pre-hunt teardown and preparation
  • Custom hunting and long range rifles
  • Trigger jobs on most firearms and replacement
  • Fitting of custom match and threaded barrels
  • Rimfire rifle and pistol repairs and reliability work
  • Cerakote and other premium finishes
  • Comprehensive gun cleaning and fouling removal
  • Semi-Auto, Pump, Lever and Bolt action repairs 

See our Rifles and Handguns pages for additional details on gunsmithing services. 

 Contact SPG to schedule an appointment to consult on your Gunsmithing needs.

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